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Band Stars is an exciting musical micromanagement game that allows you to take your band to the top of the charts. In this iOS game, you won't be the rockstar, but rather the manager of an up-and-coming band. Your goal is to write and produce songs, recruit talented band members, accumulate fans, and upgrade your recording studio to ultimately achieve fame.The game features a variety of characters, each representing a different musical stereotype. From a robotic electronic DJ reminiscent of Daft Punk to an Icelandic folk/experimental singer inspired by Björk, the characters add a unique flavor to the game. However, it's important to note that one character, named "Goldy $ilver," crosses the line from parody to offensive and racist, which may be off-putting to some players.Band Stars requires strategy and skill compared to other tapping-based games. The gameplay revolves around recording songs and training your band members. Each band member has skills in different categories such as lyrics, creativity, melody, rhythm, and polish. It's crucial to play to their strengths by assigning them the correct instruments.Managing your band's energy and finances is also essential. Band members need breaks to rest, which can be done by not playing or relaxing in a hot tub. Energy can be recharged by having band members consume energy drinks. Money is earned through collecting royalties from your previous tracks, and climbing the charts is a mechanical process that depends on your band's musical talents.The graphics in Band Stars are decent, with colorful visuals and character models featuring disproportionately large heads. The animations during performances may be a bit jerky, but it doesn't significantly impact the gameplay. The game excels in sound design, with samples of different musical genres playing while writing and performing. However, it would be great to see an expansion in this aspect, such as the option to import music.While Band Stars has laid a solid foundation for a great game, it falls short in some areas. The long recharge times, offensive character portrayal, and simplicity in certain features hinder its potential. Nonetheless, there is still plenty of room for improvement and growth. So, if you're ready to embark on a musical journey and guide your band to stardom, Band Stars is the game for you.

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